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Zenobia July

Author: Lisa Bunker

Published: May 2019

Pages: 320

Zenobia July is starting over. Before, she lived in Arizona with her father; now, she lives in Maine with her aunts. Before, she was sequestered at her computer screen, refining her coding and hacking; now she's offline, making non-virtual friends at Monarch Middle School. Before, people insisted her she was a boy; now she is openly the girl she always knew she was. But when an anonymous someone posts a series of hateful memes to her school's website—and when Zenobia is the only one technologically proficient enough to trap the perpetrator—she might just have to log back on. But is her expertise a match for that of the poster? And can she handle her the pressures of her detective work, her new school, her new family, and presenting her true gender for the first time?


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