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The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

Author: Dana Alison Levy

Published: July 2014

Pages: 272

It's the beginning of the academic year and things are already going un-accordingly for the Fletchers. Most catastrophic is their new neighbor. He stinks—and not just because of his pet skunk—complaining nonstop and spurning every overture of friendship. Sam is twelve is not sure if he's ready for teenagerhood, where everything he likes—like acting—is now uncool. Jax is ten, and he and his bestest friend have—more and more—less and less in common. Eli is ten—but younger than Jax—and just transferred to Pinnacle School for the 'scholarly minded,' where he went from being the smartest kid in the classroom to just like everybody else. Frog is six, and no one in his kindergarten class can remember to save a seat for his invisible cheetah, Ladybug. Oh! And there's Dad, a history teacher, Papa, who works from home, and their of menagerie pets! They will have to learn that sometimes what you least expect is what might just matter the most!


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